Friday, Feb 8th from 6:30-8:30pm
Underground in Rodin College House
Open to ALL

If you are not a member of the Penn undergraduate community, please contact the producer at for access to the building. Photo ID will be required for building access.

As a part of this special comedy showcase, open auditions are
being held for the following works:

To Deal Or Not To Deal
A new and original work written and directed by company members Chris and Paige Klaniecki
Nick Bottom [of A Midsummer Night’s Dream] hosts Shakespeare’s most successful game show spin-off: To Deal Or Not To Deal! Tonight’s episode features Dogberry [from Much Ado About Nothing], Polonius [from Hamlet], and Lady MacBeth [from, you guessed it, Macbeth]. Tune in to find out which of the 20 possible fabulous Shakespeare-themed prizes each contestant wins!

Casting details: 4 actors (any gender). Rehearsals will generally occur from 6-7pm pm on some weeknights, and individuals will have between 4 and 8 rehearsals across the space of 4 weeks prior to the performances.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Directed by Rachel Meierovich and Emily Rose DeMarco
Excerpted scenes from Shakespeare’s fairy-filled frivolity, set in the 1960s and Anti-Vietnam movement. Titania & Oberon argue over their relationship. Meanwhile, four lovers experiment with opiates/hallucinogens. Hijinks ensue!

Casting details: Up to 10 roles. Rehearsals will be scheduled for times within the range of 6 to 10pm Monday-Thursday, with individuals committing to approximately 2 hours of rehearsal per week for the 4 weeks leading up to the performances.

Henry V, but only the French bit
Directed by Jillian Ivey
The French Dauphin really likes his horse. Like, really likes it.

Casting details: 5 roles, at least one male-presenting performer. Preferably everyone can do a really over-the-top French accent, but at the very least, the Dauphin has to make Lafayette in Hamilton look understated. Approximately 3 90-minute rehearsals, plus two run throughs and the performances. Rehearsals will be scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

Merry Wives of Windsor: The Falstaff Problem
Directed by Jillian Ivey
Mistress Ford’s jealous husband absolutely cannot know that Sir John Falstaff has been visiting her at her home…so she finds a way to sneak her alleged lover out.

Casting details: Up to 10 roles, min 2 female-presenting, 3 male-presenting. Between 4 and 10 90-minute rehearsals (dependant on casting and enthusiasm), plus 2 run-throughs, over the course of four weeks. Rehearsals will be scheduled on Wednesday and/or Thursday evenings.