Shakespeare One Acts

Come audition for Shakespeare One Acts with the Underground Shakespeare Company! This new format will be a collection of three one act plays derived from Shakespeare’s work. We aim to focus a narrow lens in on some of the smaller threads that weave in and out of the larger stories of these plays, to enable closer examination of aspects of these narratives that are sometimes overlooked in favor of a play’s overall storytelling arc. No one feels like a minor character in their own lives!


Titus and LAvinia, directed by Veronica Kowalski

This snippet of Titus Andronicus focuses on family and gender relations by following the rape of Lavinia and its aftermath

Prospero and Miranda, directed by Bella Essex

This one act play will examine the dynamics of control, power, empathy, and chastity by focusing on the progression of the relationship between Prospero and Miranda in The Tempest.

Beatrice and Benedick, directed by Tasha Hutnick

Beatrice is in love with Benedick. Benedick is in love with Beatrice. Only problem? They hate each other. What is going on in their heads?! Beatrice and Benedick is a One Act derived from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing that follows Beatrice and Benedick’s exploration of their feelings for each other as it is largely told in their own heads, guided by the Other, the Subconscious, the Stage Manager, what you will. As they navigate their mental playgrounds, they discover how far they are willing to go for love, and, just maybe, will be able to bring it back to the outside world.


Open Call Auditions

Sunday, Sep 24, 5-7
 ~ Monday, Sep 25 8-10
 ~ Tuesday, Sep 26 7-9

(plan to attend for roughly 1 hour depending on traffic during any of these times)


Wednesday, Sep 27 9-12 (details to follow!)


We are looking for everyone ranging from actors to stage managers, set builders, costume designers, and more! If you’re interested in being a crew member, swing by auditions and introduce yourself.