Beatrice and Benedick


Join us for the Underground Shakespeare Company’s Fall Show!

Beatrice and Benedick

Thursday, Nov 16  ~  Friday, Nov 17  ~  Saturday, Nov 18


Rodin Rooftop Lounge

Directed by Anastasia Hutnick
$1 admission at the door

Beatrice is in love with Benedick. Benedick is in love with Beatrice. Only problem? They hate each other. What is going on in their heads?!

Beatrice and Benedick is a one act play adapted from Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing that follows Beatrice and Benedick’s exploration of their feelings for each other as it is largely told in their own heads, guided by the Other, the Subconscious, the Stage Manager, what you will. As they navigate their mental playgrounds, they discover how far they are willing to go for love, and, just maybe, will be able to bring it back to the outside world.