Henry IV Part I

DirectorTasha Hutnick
DateNovember 2018

Recently crowned King Henry IV is currently facing down yet another uprising – this time from Henry Percy, England’s hot-headed golden child. The king is also disappointed in his eldest son and heir, Hal (Henry V), who is constantly fraternizing in taverns with thieves and other miscreants – like the infamously comical John Falstaff. However, as the rebellion rises, Prince Hal finally has the chance to prove to everyone that he can be the king he is destined to be, and maybe earn his father’s respect.


Cast (in order of appearance):
Larry Beck
Paige Klaniecki
Ohad Klopman
Tage S. Das
Chris Klaniecki
Becky Lytle
Rachel Meierovich
Elyakim Suissa
Casey Linehan
Anne Coleman
Ashley Banks
Kelsey Serraneau

Anne Coleman
Jared Rifkin
Jake Welde

Director: Anastasia Hutnick
Stage Manager: Anna Collins
Assistant Director: Ohad Klopman


Thursday, November 15th, 8:00 PM
Friday, November 16th, 8:00 PM
Saturday, November 17th, 8:00 PM


The Rodin Rooftop Lounge
(3901 Locust Walk – if you are not a Penn undergrad, please e-mail undergroundshakespearecompany@gmail.com to be put on the security list and bring a photo ID at the time of the performance)


$5 at the door